SAM for Compliance systems have built in reports that enable you to demonstrate compliance with standards and provide a clear view of where further action or investment is required.  Reports are produced dynamically for real-time results.

Report to Management and Executive

The Management Status Report has been designed especially for Management and Board Execs and provides a Category level overview together with trend graph showing how well you are complying with a selected standard in an easy to understand format.

Full Compliance Report

Want to know everything about your compliance status?  This report documents all status levels in one report.

Track Improvement Over Time

Our Trend Reports, available either individually, or integrated into the Management Status Report, demonstrate your progress over time.

Status by Category Report

Please refer to Categories for information about these Reports.

Validation Reports

Designed to provide evidence of assigned Exceptions and Exemptions, these Registers can be easily printed out from the system and can be used together with a Full Compliance Report to accurately depict your current compliance status.

Operational Reports

Other reporting capabilities help you to manage your assessment process. These include the Blank Status Report which lists the requirements you have yet to assess, and the Notes Report which correlates and prints the Notes assigned to each requirement so that they can be viewed from one source.