SAM-Custom Build

Make compliance with internal Standards easier with our SAM for Compliance system

The SAM for Compliance cloud based system has been designed as a functional engine into which we are able to incorporate standards from across all industry sectors. No matter how small or large a standard, the structure of our system allows us to bring together a collection of internal standards into one cohesive assessment, remediation and reporting platform.

A SAM for Compliance custom built system enables you to view the current state of compliance to your internal standards and manage improvement or remediation activities. We don't limit your users and provide tiered access so you can define your user's access. We provide options for View (view only) and User (functional) with the option to add additional roles to a user for Manager (provides access to Manage users) and Assessor (access to carry out or view audit assessments).

Eliminate spreadsheets and piles of paper and turn to SAM for Compliance as your Self Assessment and Management platform for standards compliance.

Use the SAM Action Manager to document and monitor your security improvement initiatives.