SAM-CIS Controls

A tool for assessing and managing compliance with version 7 of the CIS Critical Security Controls

SAM-CIS Controls is a web based service to help you assess, manage, improve and report on how well your organisation's systems comply with the requirements of CIS Controls Version 7. The restructuring of Version 7 provides for one item per requirement.  Use SAM for Compliance (SAM-CIS Controls) to make it easy to assess your compliance and determine where action is required.

The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks.

SAM-CIS Controls Management Methodology

SAM-CIS Controls is designed as a CIS Controls Version 7 management tool and is based around the five NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions that define different areas of Cyber Security management.

Identify - Ascertain what you have and how important it is to your organisation
Protect - Provide protection from known vulnerabilities and threats
Detect - Ascertain current vulnerabilities and threats
Respond - Manage your ability to mitigate vulnerabilities and threats
Recover - Be able to return to a known operational state when required

The SAM-CIS Controls Dashboard utilises the NIST Cybersecurity Framework function descriptions and enables your organisation to ascdertain compliance with these functional areas as well as the individual CIS Controls.

Subscriptions to the SAM-CIS Controls system are priced at US$70 per month, or US$840 paid annually. New Zealand customers can subscribe to the SAM-CIS Controls system for NZ$100 + GST per month or NZ$1200 + GST paid annually

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SAM for Compliance Ltd are CIS Supporters and were a Contributor to the development of CIS Controls Version 7. The CIS Controls used within the SAM-CIS Controls and SAM-Security systems are provided under license from CIS.