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Our blog "The cats whiskers" has all the latest news and updates from SAM for Compliance

March 29th 2024

The NIST CSF 2.0 Framework is now available within the SAM for Compliance system

December 18th 2023

ACSC Essential 8 updated

May 18th 2021

CIS Controls v8 added

May 6th 2022

RBNZ Guidelines on Cyber Resilience

ISO 27002:2022

PCI DSS v4.0

August 1st 2021

The HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Seurity Framework is now available

Usability upgrade implemented

July 10th 2021

Three additional frameworks now available:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 including Annexes
  • DIA Privacy Maturity Assessment Framework (NZ)
  • Archives NZ information Management Maturity Assessment Framework

April 1st 2021

An article giving a background to the ALGIM Cybersecurity Programme has been added to our website and can be viewed here

March 20th 2021

Two new Australian frameworks added:

  • ACSC Cyber Security Principles - June 2020
  • NSW Cyber Security Policy 3.0

ACSC Essential Eight has been updated to the latest current version - June 2020

February 7th 2021

Conformance Report added. This is a high level report suitable for presenting the organisation's conformance status (to the chosen standard)to Boards of Directors, Councillors, Regulators, Auditors, Risk Managers and Assessors

Risk Assessment Module - add-on to the SAM framework. This module informs and details organisational risk exposure in relation to the current conformance status. It is represented by its own Dashboard and a Risk Register. It enables the user to set risk tolerances and automatically adds an action to the Action Register when a risk tolerance is exceeded.

October 6th 2020

Two new frameworks added - CMMC for organisations handling CUI and VPDSS for Victorian public sector organisations

July 15th 2020

Two new frameworks added - AESCSF 2019(1) for the Australian Energy Sector and US Energy Department C2M2 v1.1 for the US Energy Sector

June 28th 2020

Major system upgrade

  • New dashboard home page
  • New menu layout
  • Enterprise Management functionality whereby external third parties have the ability to access multiple client sites through a single login. (Set up by our support team and requires permission from the client site)

February 17th 2020

ISO 22313:2012 available now. Reproduced under licence with permission from Standards New Zealand, on behalf of ISO/IEC under copyright licence LN001327

September 17th 2019

ACSC Essential Eight framework (Aus) launched with maturity levels.

August 12th 2019

VCSS CSO - Voluntary Cyber Security Standards for Control System Operators (NZ) framework is available for critical infrastructure providers.

August 2nd 2019

ISO/IEC 27002:2013 available now. Reproduced under licence with permission from Standards New Zealand, on behalf of ISO/IEC under copyright licence LN001327

July 25th 2019

The Australian Government Information Security Manual (AGISM)- July 2019 is now available as a SAM framework.

July 4th 2019

Tony Krzyzewski has been contributing to the development of the CIS Controls for the past two years and is a named contributor to the CIS Controls Cloud Companion Guide and the CIS Controls IoT Companion Guide

The Center for Internet Security recently highlighted his contribution and you can read about it here in the CIS Controls Volunteer Spotlight

May 28th 2019

Minimum Cyber Security Standard - UK v1.0 available

May 23rd 2019

NZISM updated to V3.2

May 9th 2019

CPS 234 Compliance - Australian Prudential Standard now available in a SAM-framework

You can demonstrate CPS 234 Compliance in less than 1 week

You are on the hook to demonstrate compliance with CPS 234; how will you do it? How will you deal with your external auditor when they come to perform your half-yearly and year-end Financial Statements audits and want your CPS 234 attestation?

SAM (Self Assessment and Management) announces the release of their CPS 234 Compliance framework, an economical platform to proactively assess, monitor, report and improve cybersecurity against CPS 234.

Imagine being able to link spend to control improvement, update compliance reporting in real time and immediately produce complete management reports with trending graphs. Imagine being able to drive your audit process with a fully mapped report showing compliance against the standard.

We have developed a playbook for compliance to CPS 234. Contact us today and we can put you on the path to demonstrating compliance. And here is the good news: you do not need to spend buckets of cash on consulting services to get there. You can do it with the dedicated team you already have. 

May 7th 2019

CIS Controls framework has been updated to V7.1.

We now have the following available:

  • SAM-Security - General security framework for small-medium enterprises
  • SAM-Local Government - ALGIM Local Government Cybersecurity Program
  • CIS Controls - Global industry best practice with approx 170 controls
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) - A meaty standard covering all areas of cybersecurity
  • NZISM - The NZ Information Security Manual
  • PCI-DSS - Global cardholder security standard
  • NIS Directive - Cyber Assessment Framework (UK) for essential service providers
  • NIST SP 800-63 (Hippa Security Rule) for the protection of medical and patient information
  • Prudential Standard - CPS 234 (AUS) mandated for the Australian Prudential and Insurance industry
  • SAM-Protect (NIST SP 800-171) for the protection of controlled unclassified information in non federal information systems and organisations
  • SAM-Small business - For the very small business with only 140 pragmatic, practical requirements

March 17th 2019

Benchmarking has been rolled out to support the ALGIM Local Government Cybersecurity Programme in New Zealand but can be applied to any group that we create that uses a common framework.  

November 22nd 2018

A SAM for Compliance implementation of NZISM 3.1 is now available

November 19th 2018

SAM-Local Government, a framework developed in association with the New Zealand Association of Local Government Information Management (ALGIM) is now available.

September 21st 2018

UK NIS Directive - Cyber Assessment Framework - Added as a new SAM Framework

May 31st 2018

PCI-DSS v 3.2 updated to PCI-DSS v3.2.1
NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) added with requirements derived from NIST SP 800-53

March 28th 2018

SAM-Protect updated to February 2018 version of NIST SP 800-171

March 19th 2018

CIS Controls Version 7 is released, as is SAM-CIS Controls Version 7
New version of SAM-Security created based on the new version of CIS Controls
NZISM v 2.7 framework added

November 30th 2017

SAM for Compliance Ltd is the first Australasian partner in the Global Cyber Alliance which is an international cross sector effort dedicated to confronting cybersecurity risk and improving the connected world.

August 1st 2017

A new framework, SAM-HIPAA, is available

May 1st 2017

SAM-PCIDSS is now available

March 14th 2017

The cat is finally out of the bag! SAM for Compliance is launched and commercially available